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Types of Therapy Offered and Philosophy

    In my practice, I utilize a number of therapeutic and holistic approaches including solution-focused therapy, strategies for healing, and cognitive-behavioral techniques such as guided imagery meditation, and increased self-awareness and reflection.


      A strong belief in the client’s innate ability to heal is at the center of my strength-based therapy practice. People have the ability to change; however, moments of change are often clouded by feelings of uncertainty.


    My philosophy is to treat these uncertain moments as invitations to finding one’s way and the sense of the purpose and meaning that come with it. I believe that with an honest yet compassionate approach, I can serve as the client’s guide to recognizing and cultivating that inner capacity for healing and change.


    The goal of my work is to help you identify and make the changes that you seek, develop strategies for coping with difficult experiences, and foster better self-understanding and self-care.

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